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We are a vendor neutral company making


Cyber security shield


The Advanced Cyber Security Approach™

We developed a unique process over decades.

Heuristic by nature, customer centric by design. It places cyber security at the fore front of the approach and works beyond the mere functional deployment. 

Our unique approach to threat prevention

Cyber security shield

How we will work with you

We will identify your needs, wants, who are the most important stakeholders, what are the most valuable assets, what recommendations and remediations are required to keep you even more secure than you already are. 

Why it is beneficial

It's unique to the industry, it makes cyber security easy and simple, providing you with confidence through knowledge and certainty. 

What our clients say

"We trust Incommsec. We have built this over time working together and seeing them work for our benefit. We use them as sales gatekeepers and get them to source products/services that we want and trust them to get the best value available."

Jack, Director of IT - UK National Charity, 4000 employees, multi-site hybrid network

Advanced cybersecurity for business

Delivering robust threat protection powered by latest research in cyberthreats.


Of organisations experience 
malware attacks.

3.4 billion

Phishing emails are sent daily.


Of organisations experience 
successful ransomware attacks.

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Only pay for what you need.

We provide tailor made plans, so you only pay for what you need.

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