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We assess weaknesses and the degree to which they can be exploited.

Find and remediate vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scan

We scan internal or external facing IP addresses of the organisation to the point of identifying a vulnerability.


Pen Test


An ethical remote attack of the infrastructure, web applications and external facing IP addresses.


Gaining physical access into a specified destination and its network. And then report.
The severity of the breach will be measured by agreed upon milestones.


We will see how far into the network we can get by speaking to staff.

How we will work with you


We will work with you to understand what your requirements are.

Create a timescale

We will establish a timeline for delivery.


We will action the agreed objectives.


We will create a detailed report illustrating any vulnerabilities we found.

Robust digital strategy

Identify vulnerabilities

Before anyone else

Find vulnerabilities in your systems, applications and networks.

Take action before a malicious attacker finds the same spots.

Risk mitigation

We will identify potential weak points for cyberattacks

Enable your organisation to actively address gaps in security reducing the risk of breaches


Regulatory compliance often requires Pen testing

Regular Pen Tests help protect sensitive information.

Why it’s important

Cost savings

Detect and fix vulnerabilities within your network before they are exploited.
Save costs from breaches, data loss, fines and damage to reputation.

User awareness

Empower users to spot social engineering and potential cyberthreats.

Strengthen defence

Regular Pen Tests help understand how effective your security system is.
Enable improvement of defences and build response strategies against evolving threats.


Only pay for what you need.

We provide tailor made plans, so you only pay for what you need.

Get a quote today by chatting to our experts at no extra cost.

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