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Endpoint security

Protect all devices on your network from malware, viruses and cyberattacks.

We will work with our suppliers to tailor the solution to your business needs.

Agent based endpoint security software with a distributed cloud based architecture delivering advanced threat protection.

Fast deployment

Deploy the solution to all endpoints across the network from a single device.   

Easy Install

Fast installation - works within 3.5 seconds.  

Save processing power

Low systems use in memory, processing power. Scan time 6x faster.

Dependable resilience

Combat novel forms of malware with cyber security tools powered by advanced machine learning.


Offline protection

Stops attacks when endpoint is offline.


Behavioural and machine learning

Identifying suspicious activity typical of malware. With powerful heuristic settings adjust by you.


Mitigate risk

Multi-vector protection against malicious files, exploits, URLs, and scripts. Reduce risk with endpoint protection and response. 


Cloud architecture

Resilient distributed cloud architecture. Manage up to 100,000 endpoints.


Manage multiple endpoints and locations

Supporting policies at global and individual level allowing you to easily manage endpoints.
Adjust local admin permissions and rights.


Dwell time reporting

See how long any infection on any endpoint has been on your network prior to automatic remediation.

Foundation of an advanced cyber resilience strategy

Using BrightCloud®

World class threat intelligence services.

Detects, analyses, scores, categorises and predicts endpoint threats in real time.

Combining real time intelligence with advanced machine learning and behaviour heuristics.

Protect your network against multiple malicious attacks and zero-day threats.

Constant protection

Continuous infection monitoring.

Monitoring, journaling and auto-remediation.

Threats are placed into qurantine.

When a process is deemed to be malitious, any system changes are reversed into its last known good state.

Ease of use

Flexible cloud-based management.

Hiererchical management architecture: scale the solution from a single site to multiple sites, from a single location to multiple locations.

Ideal for organisations of all sizes.

Save time and effort with remote deployment and control.

Why it's important

At its worse a data breach will cost money in ransom, loss of business through downtime and loss of reputation.

Protecting endpoints from cyber threats is about protecting the organisation and its employees, its intellectual property and its data.

What endpoint security is

Endpoint security or endpoint protection, is more than an antivirus - it's the starting point for defence against cyber threats.
It helps protect organisations’ systems and customer data. It provides an essential layer of security against malware, ransomware, known infections, file-based and fileless scripts, APTs, exploits and evasive attacks. 

We partnered with leading cyber security vendors in the industry to provide robust results.


Only pay for what you need.

We provide tailor made plans, so you only pay for what you need.

Get a quote today by chatting to our experts at no extra cost.

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