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Email Security

Fortify the most common form of communication within your organisation.

Protect your users from continuous threats

Combat SPAM

An estimated 350 billion emails exchanged globally every day. 60 billion of those are SPAM.

Protect your email

Allow the work emails through. Block malicious messages.

Quarantine sandbox

A secure cloud based sandbox will hold emails with risk assessed files and URLs.

Layered defense

A comprehensive solution for email security, employing multiple layers of filtering for both inbound and outbound email.


Email Retraction

Retract of malicious emails that have already been delivered.


Live Threat Analysis

24/7/365 continuous scanning.
Automated updates with the latest security measures.


Immediate warning

Get immediate warnings for any malicious messages.

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Daily Threat Reports

Be aware of all potential risks with accurate reports.


Scanning and Disarming

Automatic scanning, disarming, and sandboxing of all attachments.


Email Encryption

Send and receive encrypted email simply and automatically.

Get more done with less distractions

O365 Security Audit

Conduct an overview of:

What settings are used across your network.

What permissions are set up across inboxes.

Inactive mailboxes, inboxes forwarding automatically, using inbox rules or multi-factor authentication.

Easy to use

Intuitive dashboards

At a glance overview of the system status

Easily manage the system

Avoid disruption

Keep email actively flowing to your inbox during service outages, disasters & disruptions.

Why it’s important

Protect your network

• 400+ million ransomware attacks are reported globally.

• In 2022 attacks increased by 350%.

• The most common threat is Phishing

99.9% catch rate

The system is highly effective in preventing malicious attacks.

Layered approach

Part of a strategy to protect sensitive data and reputation.


Only pay for what you need.

We tailor each Endpoint Security solution to the size of your organisation, so you only pay for what you need.

Get a quote today by chatting to our experts at no extra cost.

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