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Employee monitoring

Since 2012 customers with tens of thousands of end users have trusted Incommsec to help protect against insider threats such as data loss prevention, business process optimisation and user behavioural data.

Optimise your business

Optimise your business processes, work force productivity and compliance.

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Incident forensics and fraud detection

Detect and prevent fraudulent activity through data analytics. Enhanced incident investigation forensics with comprehensive endpoint and user data.


Priviledged user monitoring

Secure against malicious or accidental data misuse from people with the highest level of access. Customise permission settings and optimise controls.


Business intelligence dashboards

Intuitive dashboards showing complex beahviour data, analysed by the platform.


Customer data protection

Rules and policies provide additional layers of security for customer data restricting access and knowing when customer data is transferred copied or edited.


Hybrid workforce management

Easy visibility of dispersed or office based workforce for management and analysis of workflow.

Understand productivity
and process

Three hours a day

The average worker is productive for less than three hours a day.

Understand if the business distracts the employee.

Understand if the employee is distracted themselves.

Remote Working

Even greater insight into remote working activity

Reduction of admin overheads.

Increase employee engagement.

Optimise workflow through data analytics.

Frameworks - Centres - Storage

Certified in meeting international standards ISO27001, ISMS & NIST Frameworks

Tier 3 Data centres are used providing N+1 fault toerance, 99.982% uptime, multinode architecture.

Data storage using 256bit AES encryption SSL with 4 Key system, Role-based access control, multifactor authentication


Only pay for what you need.

We tailor each Endpoint Security solution to the size of your organisation, so you only pay for what you need.

Get a quote today by chatting to our experts at no extra cost.

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