Zero Day Protection - RansomWare Protection
AV, URL & Document filtering at the Domain level, are vital in a modern cyber security solution. Protection against malware is an ongoing task filtering at the Domain level is key

​Anomaly Detection, Command and Control, Behavioural Sandboxing is just the start of how cloud based web security is now providing essential protection to all organisations. Using behaviour analytics to dynamically isolate threats from the whole network can make the biggest difference in combating all forms of malware or ransomware. 

Domain AV URL and File Sandboxing

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Domain AV security is vital, protecting you from external threats, in addition to endpoint AV and firewalls. Cloud and Clustered this service delivers: 
       99.99% SPAM capture
       <0.02% False positives
       Multiple AV engines
       URL & Document sandboxing against day-0 malware
Greater granularity to the end user or the MSP. An enterprise solution accessible for all environments, simple to use, easy to deliver, excellent support, continuous revenue streams.

Advanced Web Security

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Technology moves on - Cloud based services are no longer random services daisy chained on ad-hoc hardware with variable SLAs. Nor do we have to rely solely on an appliance manufactured and programmed by one entity. Now we have stable, secure platforms which leverage best of bread solutions with alerting functions in real time. 

       FICO’s cyber scoring - analytics for node based web security
       Anomaly detection across the network - 100x faster at finding           infections hijacking data
       Command and control detection - Scanning across DNS, TCP,           UDP ports and protocols
      Behavioural Sandboxing - defence against polymorphic                       malware

Without the hinderance to realise the investment in an asset from a traditional hardware appliance acting as gateway to the network, or pending the version updates to compensate for developments in external threats Cloud Web Security is more dynamic, flexible and responsive. 
Benefits to You:
  • Best of Breed - Technology changes, solutions change, you will stay up to date, giving optimum safety for your network
  • Value for Money - Security is the key, so is expense and we will work with you to get the best of both 
  • Peace of Mind - You can focus on your organisation, we'll deliver secure solutions

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