VoIP & Hosted Telephony
Hosted VoIP or Hosted Telephony as a service provides you with a fully managed solution, IVR, Call Recording, Call Centre, Receptionist functions, DR and BCP components to your business. Fixed billing call plans to both UK landlines and mobiles and a state of the art management platform with the latest handsets, all at reduced rates are thrown into the package.
Incommsec Hosted Telephony is a VoIP solution providing a complete business communications service with an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. This can be implemented as part of a comprehensive DR and BCP solution as the core of the solution is hosted in the Cloud regardless of what happens at head office your workers can continue with their extensions taking calls and communicating with customers from any location with an Internet connection.
Benefits to You:
  • Resilience the Hosted Telephony and VoIP network is location and system resilient & spread across multiple sites easily and efficiently, with inter-office extension number dialling as standard.
  • Work from anywhere With our Android Mobile client, and Windows Desktop client you can work from anywhere in the world.
  • Never miss a call if a destination is unreachable, calls are automatically forwarded to a pre-configured alternative number or device.
  • Compliance Record all calls for compliance or record selected calls even half way through a conversation.
  • Inclusive minutes 2,000 minutes to 01/02/03 UK numbers and 2,000 minutes to UK mobiles all inclusive in all our packages.
  • Low cost calls calls to the BT National and International network can be at a lower cost with free calls to other VoIP users.
  • Easy to use This is a plug and go solution with handsets configured and installed with onsite training.
  • Keep existing numbers all existing numbers can be ported over to your new phone system – you’re no longer tied to a telephone exchange.

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The low monthly rental rates start with inclusive 2000 UK mobile and 2000 local and national (01, 02 and 03 numbers) calls. We are certain we can help you reduce your monthly bills and plan your future costs. Hosted Telephony and VoIP take the burden away from your IT manager – through the easy to use administrators portal, you can configure the system according to your organisation’s needs. Employees can then manage their calls easily and effectively through their own individual portals helping to maximising individual productivity.
With the right telephony and comms solution in place it can change the way you do business.