External Threat Management
Zero Day Protection from Ransomware
Internal Threat Management 
Cyber Security
We provide Internet security solutions and Cyber security services for organisations that connect to the Internet, use email, have firewalls, use AV and Anti-SPAM and operate in the modern world. If you’re still using quills and carrier pigeons then perhaps this website isn’t for you.
We see there being two main strands to security: External Threat Management and Internal Threat Management. The first protects you from the outside world coming in and the second protects you from the inside going out 
Benefits to You:
  • Overview of Strategy - Free your time to focus on the business, yet still have a strategy that works
  • Increase Security - Rest assured you have the optimum solution in place
  • Independent View - You can prove due diligence 

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Most people in the world are honest, unfortunately we have to protect ourselves against the few who are malcontent, or the fewer still who have criminal intent; as with all security most of us consider the threat to be external but with modern communications it is also internal.

Your Organisational Risk:
​Ultimately your organisation's highest risk for disruption will come from external threats and the highest risk for loss of valuable data, IPR, Customer details, Product Intelligence will come from internal threats.
62% of managers recognise CYBER threats are an increasing risk to business.
What we can do for YOU? 
Understand your defence strategy, discover if there are any holes and help build a stronger strategy for the future, alternatively give you an independent point of view that everything is OK