External Threat Management - Continued
The Onion:
Many people use the analogy of the multiple layers of an onion for security, the more layers the better the is security. Clearly there is value in this and this is often mixed with another cliché of not putting all your eggs in one basket. 
Firewalls are the first line in defence from open, unprotected Internet connectivity. Depending on the size of your organisation and what sort of remote working options you want open will dictate what type of firewall you need.

Domain Level:
Clearly filtering out as much as possible of the malicious content at the domain level would be best, saving you on bandwidth costs, reduces the risks of having the content on your side of the Firewall and with web filtering solutions now you can set company policy, monitor adherence and ensure compliance requirements are met.

Desktop & Server:
There are a number of security solutions available to you. To date we have considered Kaspersky the suite best suited to provide an all round value for money model. You may not agree and we’d love to hear why. In essence the desktops and laptops that your users have, need to have some first line level of protection, whether this is from USB fobs inadvertently carrying corrupt files, or from a virus that managed to make its way onto the computer.
As a desktop machine is connected to the network and thus your server environment, thus your servers will need protection.