Well done for choosing the red pill. 

​​Life is never straight forward enough to be simple and more often than not the truth, when embraced, can be painful. 

There is criminal intent that will want to milk you for part of the multi-billion dollar enterprise that is ransomware. 

It is no longer a simple task of installing some AV and a firewall. A layered approach which includes a variety of vendors, overlapping services and most importantly, the key element, your staff, without whom you could not operate, but because of whom you are most vulnerable.
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It is not just about protecting yourselves from the outside

It is not just about protecting yourselves from the inside

Nor is it just about having an effective DRaaS solution in place

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It is about all of the above, having a Cyber Security strategy that looks at the risks you face and how to mitigate the threats that endanger your organisation. 

So what really happens in your organisation? 

How prepared are you?

​How can we help? 
 Benefits to You:
  • Protection
  • Assurance
  • Due Diligence
  • Compliance

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