Office 365 & Hosted Exchange
We provide Office 365, Hosted Sharepoint and Hosted Exchange all on enterprise grade infrastructure, so regardless of your individual needs, your number of users, your size of office, we can provide what is right for you. 
Hosted Exchange
Our Hosted Exchange is an innovative service any organisation, regardless of size, can host its entire email requirements in a safe, secure and flexible environment. 
Office 365
Licensed Office applications, online or offline access, PC, tablet, laptop, phone, storage, sharing and support an ideal solution for start up or corporate. Office 365 has the potential to provide your licensing compliance, Office applications and telephony services in one. 
Hosted Sharepoint
Using the same solid infrastructure that our Hosted Exchange service runs on, Hosted Sharepoint is a purpose built service leveraging the economies of scale an enterprise deployment can offer, enabling any size of user to engage with Sharepoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure yourself. Flexible and reliable you can manage the options retaining the control of your documents held within the Sharepoint service. 
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