Internal Threat Management - Continued
How To Protect Your Organisational Data:
Whether your Production Environment is virtualised or physical we can provide the means to monitor in real time and help you protect against internal threats. This gives you a real chance to protect your network from within in real time. 
By installing either a physical device, or a virtual machine, our solution will passively monitor your network, reporting in real time when unusual activity takes place, or historically for the purposes of KPI management.
This "finger on the pulse" approach is ideal for any network/ICT manager who needs to focus on business critical applications and strategic network development and not constant check for updates just in case some thing happens. Rest assured that when a pre-defined threshold is reached you will know. 

Facts about DLP and Internal Threat Management:
The truth is they are a moving set of figures as few are willing to be transparent about what risks their data is at, but root causes for data loss whilst varied can be represented in three main areas:
Negligence: 45%
Malicious Attack: 25% 
System Error: 30%
Hard Choices:
It's hard enough to make things work with outside concerns, competitors, floods, snow, volcano's, transport etc. without having to worry about inadvertent users deleting files, or, worse still, deliberately downloading data, let alone the network having a failure for whatever reason. It is interesting to note in a recent survey that only 18% of CEO's are confident that they will NOT suffer from some form of data loss over the next 12 months.
In reality the expected investment for the UK to protect against data loss is £1.9m, which sounds a large number, but not when compared to the potential saving of £11m in protected assets. 
We can work with you in helping you realise your portion of those £11m of savings.