Office 365 & Hosted Exchange
Delivery of Service
Inbuilt AV and Archiving:
With inbuilt AV and Anti-SPAM securing your email is already taken care of, with advanced options to build White and Blacklists and Email Archiving for up to 10 years. It can all be included into a simple billing strategy.
Easy deployment with recognisable email format Hosted Exchange gives you what you would expect from an Office environment but without the management overhead.
Robust Infrastructure:
Rigorously built and constantly stress tested our network of data centres house simultaneously synced full Exchange Servers. Meaning that at any one time your email sits in more than one server, just in case of a need to fail over.
This provides a robust and resilient Exchange environment to the standard and delivery of a large enterprise, but at the scalable affordability or an SME. Whether you have 1 email or 1000s of mailboxes our service will scale to your needs.    
Hosted Email Security
Because email is mission-crucial to almost every organisation, businesses now look at cloud-based email security platforms. This means that email is filtered and archived cost-effectively and securely before being delivered to the end-point.
With our Hosted Email Security you can expect:
No on-going and costly maintenance
No hardware to install
Reduced Internet bandwidth requirements