External Threat Management
The right external security threat management will be the correct, Firewall, AV, Anti-SPAM, UTM, VPN, email and web filtering solution in place to secure you from external attacks. Which conveniently is what we do.
Device vs Cloud:
You can have either, or both, keep something onsite whilst filtering content before it reaches your network.

Being hacked from the outside, being held to ransom for $000s, having someone steal your data, all happen on a daily basis to businesses even with security solutions in place.

Let us talk with you and see how we can help.​
What we can do for YOU?
Work with you to find the most secure way of dealing with your external threats and deliver a service that gives you peace of mind; alternatively you've done as much as you can and we'll tell you so.
Zero Day Protection  - RansomWare - What to do?

Part of our External Threat Management is what to do internally to protect your organisation. 
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Benefits to You:
  • Best of Breed - Technology changes, solutions change, you will stay up to date, giving optimum safety for your network
  • Value for Money - Security is the key, so is expense and we will work with you to get the best of both 
  • Peace of Mind - You can focus on your organisation, we'll deliver secure solutions

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