Domain AV URL and File Sandboxing
AV, URL & Document filtering at the Domain level, are vital in a modern cyber security solution. Protection against malware is an ongoing task filtering at the Domain level is key
Enterprise Solution - Scalable Delivery
Enterprise level delivery - LDAP authentication, TSL encryption, email policy rate control and reporting; delivered in a secure Cloud environment in a UK and EU data centre infrastructure. Alternately an on-prem service is available for VM, HyperV or Xen with certified images ready to be deployed within minutes. 

Anti Virus / SPAM as a Service
Anti SPAM (AV) IaaS is a real, fluid, responsive and flexible service benefiting your organisation with the features of the corporate environment scalable to any size. This allows the organisation to take back their administrative rights and know their AV is handled by them, or their service provider. 

URL and Document/File Sandboxing
Should a user receive an email with a URL within it, immediately the service rewrites the URL it finds inside the email so that if the recipient clicks on the link it does not go to the original URL but, instead, to the service lab’s URL Sandbox.

In much the same way a file/document with active content is analysed to determine if the active content is malicious or not. The user can view the document without the active content, thus not placing the organisation at risk. 
Domain AV URL Document Filtering
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When the user clicks on a link in the email the Service Lab takes the sandboxed URL and analyses the target in real time. By performing a dual task of lookups on known malware/phishing URL lists and by actively analysing the contents of the page looking for malicious behaviour it can determine the level of threat presented to the end user. 
Should the URL have already been analysed and determined ‘clean’ the user is immediately redirected to the original site. If the page has not been analysed recently the scanning will take place. Even if there are multiple redirects the system will continue checking any intermediary URLs. The amount of time this takes will depend on the number of intermediary sites and the speed of the servers and their Internet connection, so this could take minutes. 
The analysis will return with a ‘clean’ or ‘not clean’ result and the option for the user to continue can be included in a ‘not clean’ result otherwise a restricted site warning will appear.
High Availability 
Active/Active dual node clustering, High Availability and Load Balancing, Quarantine consolidation across nodes and Geographical clustered support. All as part of the service. 

Some of what do you get? 
   A Pre-Configured expert built solution
   Dedicated to your customer Virtual Appliance, shared with no one else
   Spam Catch Rate of more than 99,98%
   False Positive Rate near to zero
   Detection of potentially dangerous content
   Multiple anti-spam engines
   Custom filtering rules block/accept based on filter rules applied to subject/header/body
   Public RBL Checks
   Exclusive Local RBL feature
   SMTP Rejects and Delivery Information reporting
   Heuristic techniques including Bayesian filters
   Multiple Antivirus Support, including Clamav, Avira and BitDefender
   Image analysis (OCR)
   Seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Zimbra
   Multiple domains, multiple user levels and multiple administrators
   Fully automated updating, including antivirus, anti spam and anti-phishing rules
   SMTP Policy Quotas

Excellent Support
None of this is important if support is not excellent. The images are built for you, delivered into the Cloud for you, set up and ready for you to administer, all you have to do is point the DNS entry. 

With the online documentation, defined SLA for the trouble ticket system and a 98% resolved request rate of within 4 hours, support is a serious business and one that ensures an easy to deliver, simple to use, effective service you can rely on.