Domain AV, URL & Document Sandboxing
What is, how does it work, why is it important to a reseller? 
We know of Messagelabs, arguably the first to market to implement a robust mail filtering service that sat at the DNS level. Technology has moved on so the concept is broadly the same, point the MX records to the servers and these filter the mail in and out. 

The subtle differences are the servers our yours, they are virtual instances wholly associated with the customer. These are not tenanted machines with the customer sharing resources with 1000’s of other customers of varying sizes and demands. This then means support is specific to the customer, they are of value. 

URL & Document sandboxing is included in the solution which is a great step towards reducing the risk of ransomware, by analysing a link within the body of an email the service then determines the end destination. It returns a warning if considered dangerous or allows the user through if not. 

Deployment can be completed within minutes, monitoring and support is 24/7 (online)
99.99% Spam capture rate
0.02% false positives
98% Support requests resolved in 4hrs    
Domain AV URL & Document Sandboxing
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