Web Security
Day zero Protection from ransomware and malware through Anomaly Detection, Command and Control, Behavioural Sandboxing is just the start of how cloud based web security is now providing essential protection to all organisations. Using behaviour analytics to dynamically isolate threats from the whole network can make the biggest difference in combating all forms of malware or ransomware. 
Advanced Web Security from ransomeware and malware 
Web security is a vital component of any organisation’s security
fabric a layered approach has always been extolled as the right way forward.
In the past appliances have been a traditional element in this, a box at the perimeter
providing a firewall, then appliances for filtering web traffic, then hybrids or Unified Threat
Management (UTM) boxes. However the as we become more accustomed to using the Cloud for everyday services we extend that trust to services that make appliances redundant.

A box will always have certain limitations, it will be built to have a lifecycle and at some point the software, firmware will need updating. Traditional solutions rely on AV scanners and signature based monitoring, this is no longer good enough. Dealing with polymorphic threats requires a behaviour based approach.

Now imagine a system that watches the behaviour of traffic across the network, identifies threats as they happen, identifies to a machine where the threat lies, dynamically isolating and containing an infection, then blocking communications from that device to the rest of the network. There is nothing imagine as this is a solution we provide and is far more comprehensive than the explanation justifies. A cloud service, simple to deploy, easy to use, providing recurring revenue and profit to you. 
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