Cyber Security
Protecting against data loss, viruses, rogue employees, SPAM, hackers, in fact all forms of network penetration is an ongoing challenge. Sometimes all that is needed is a little focus to overcome a challenge, whether this is stress testing the integrity of your existing security measures, or integrating processes, systems, or hardware.
What we can do for YOU?
Organisational networks are always under scrutiny, what is the best means to protect against an eventuality? By asking the right questions, by assessing what is already in place, by testing the existing network defence to see how robust it already is and what can be done if a hole in the network is found. In the case when something has already happened, an inadvertent deletion of files, a more malicious event we can work with the device and see how much can be restored. 
As mobiles and smart phones become increasingly more common in the corporate network having a secure conversation can be open to threat. We can provide a secure mechanism for a secure mobile phone conversation.

Forensic Analysis:
In the instances when something happens and it is after the event analysis that is needed, forensic computing will need to be undertaken. Whether this is simply cross checking archived files of network traffic, or running specific software that will search deleted files to cross check what an ex-employee has done, we can do this for you.
Pen Testing:
Nothing is ever 100%, so no matter how resolute a company makes their security measures we can investigate where weak spots are. This can only be done under strict compliance and approval with Board members and IT Directors. It will mean we act as an independent investigator who will test how far we can penetrate your network. Clear boundaries will have to be set prior to undertaking such work.
Benefits to You:
  • External View - With outside eyes we'll look at your network defence and offer an unbiased opinion
  • Retrieving Lost Data - When a file has been deleted we'll help retrieve it where possible
  • Secure Mobile - Encrypted mobile calls, no one can listen in

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