Back up & DR
Back up and DR a proven hybrid of Appliance and Cloud service

Keeping your data safe, ensure optimal operational uptime, scalable to your size of organisation. So how do you do it and retain value for money? 
    Increase RPO and RTO not costs
    Increase complexity without compromise
    Increase DR security
    15 minute failover

From a Gartner “visionary” comes footprint light hardware, push button technology, cloud flexible DR as part of a robust Business Continuity Plan. This is an integral part of your cyber security solution in combating the threat of ransomware.

Enterprise Solution - Scaleable Application
With an onsite appliance the storing of data is both kept local and backed up to the cloud. This offers resilience in having data to hand and available for remote initiation in case of a building outage. 

The back up destination can be either a secondary site, private cloud or public cloud offering, this is dependent on your preference for back up and how redundant you wish to have the backed up data, relative to how quickly you want it restored. 
Which is part of the service delivery guarantee.

There are a number of key differences between the common solutions within the market place. These boil down to easy of use, flexibility, security, productivity and total cost of ownership: all standard ICT mantras. 

Single Pain of Glass
Ticking boxes for ease of use, flexibility and increased productivity having a single pain of glass dashboard to administer the back up monitoring and reporting of the server estate is vital. 

Self – Public Cloud – Private Cloud
Knowing where to place the data once backed up, whether to have this stored in an environment managed by your IT team, which will mean building suitable DR and BCP for the destination servers, connectivity, licensing and hardware management etc. Alternatively backing up to a third party Cloud back up such as AWS, Azure, Google etc, which whilst may have a level of flexibility, will be dependent on fluctuations in USD rates, price changes and will have little ability to designate where the data is stored. Using our vendors own cloud you choose where your data is backed up to in one of their 12 geographically dispersed data centres, you can rely on their own internal back up of their infrastructure. 

From user to data centre this solution has data encrypted, via the secure 256bit SSL tunnel to the data centre where it remains encrypted. Optionally to increase security user keys can be deployed to encrypt from the start. 

Total Cost of Ownership
Whilst we have touched on some savings with using a cloud vs self managed solution, most other services will indicate a requirement to have an onsite appliance to grow with data size, the appliance being another limiting factor. With this solution the device stays the same it is simply the growth in the cloud that corresponds to your growth requirements.

Benefits to You:
  • Single pane of glass - ease of use
  • 256bit SSL encryption - secured data
  • RPO/RTO 15 minute failover - speed of recovery
  • On-Prem and Cloud - quick to back up fast to restore

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