Advanced Web Security
​Anomaly Detection, Command and Control, Behavioural Sandboxing is just the start of how cloud based web security is now providing essential protection to all organisations. Using behaviour analytics to dynamically isolate threats from the whole network can make the biggest difference in combating all forms of malware or ransomware. 
FICO’s cyber scoring - analytics for node based web security
This is a proven self-calibrating analytical tool unlike signature or rule based alternatives relying on historical data this is leading cyber analytics, self learning finding emerging trends faster importantly allowing threats to be stopped quicker. 

Anomaly detection across the network - 100x faster at finding infections hijacking data
With this secure web gateway platform it exposes the most evasive signatureless malware with an exclusive network anomaly detection system. Once a problem is pinpointed, immediate real-time email alerts are received and your data contained, before it can be hijacked. Deployed in minutes providing 24/7 peace of mind for the entire network without time consuming reconfiguration. 

Command and control detection - Scanning across DNS, TCP, UDP ports and protocols
The web gateway leverages the visibility across TCP and UDP ports scanning for evasive threats on hidden ports and protocols. This includes DNS, IP, SSH, IMAP, POP plus many others. Continuously looking for command and control callbacks thwarting attacks such as network probes and port scans.This level of industry-leading analytical focus is the reason, in part, to why emerging anomalies are given context, which means lower false positives and priority in alerts, which leads to fewer disruptions.  

Self Calibrating Analytics Web Filtering
Behavioural Sandboxing - defence against polymorphic malware
We can no longer rely only on AV scanning or signature-based monitoring to protect and prevent malware, it simply is not independently effective. Hence why these solutions have to work hand in hand. Today threats tend to be polymorphic, capable of continually changing thus evading signature-based detection. That is why this solution includes a behaviour-based approach to malware detection, foregoing the reliance on signatures to stop threats.

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